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Good day guys.
As we know, English has become more important as of late, the world communication is using english as its primary language. Ability to speak english will help us to compete in this globalized future. English competition is one of the stage to prove your ability in speaking english. And this year, there will be an English Olympic competition in Bali, we welcome your enthusiasm and invite you to join the selection to decide our university representatives. There will be 4 categories which are:
✔Story telling
✔News Casting

To Register as participant, please kindly contact:
📞Meliana (085736702322) with *Name, NRP, Study Program, Categories*.

Each participant is allowed to register up to 2 categories. Technical meeting will be held on
🕐 Tuesday, 5th March 2019

We pray for the best and see you on selection 😉

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